Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Takeout menu changes every week and is usually posted on Thursdays.

Choose a first and second course for $35
add an optional dessert for $8.

Place your order by calling (609) 460-4148
Cash, Personal Check, Venmo

~ first course ~

Purée of Mushroom Soup

Potato Leek Soup

Lemon Crab Risotto

Tuna Tartare

Classic Caesar Salad

Asparagus & Beet Salad
Goat Cheese

Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Figs Sauce

~ second course ~

Colossal Shrimp
Garlic, Anchovies, and Leeks

Monkfish Grenobloise

Lemon Herb Sauce

Tomato-Hazelnut Sauce and Haricot Vert 

Braised Beef à la Mode

NY StripSteak
Garlic and Shallot Butter

~ third course ~

Choice of Dessert
or Cappuccino

Chocolate Pot de Cream

New York Cheesecake

Orange Mascarpone Crapes


Bananas Foster

Please do not reply to this email; to order, use the phone number.

If you get the machine, please make your reservation and phone #.
We will confirm with you after 4pm

(609) 460-4148

Thank You for Your Continued Support!